We are a local digital marketing company, and we take care of your digital ads, social media, and search ranking while you manage your business.

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Websites need to work with Google

Our website + SEO is not only cost-effective to get your website up and running you are going to pay over time and manage your cash flow. 

It’s difficult to figure out what to do and what works in marketing. 

You might have these frustrations:

❌ People Search for you, but you are invisible to Google.

❌ You spend hours posting to social media but get nothing for your time.

❌ Even when people come to your website, they don’t always become customers.

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What it is like to work with us

The process is simple and you get to start fast.

Quick Discussion

We aren’t a digital marketing company that claims to do everything.

We can’t help everyone but our best clients are going to be small businesses who want to be visible online.




The Plan

Everyone is a different point.  Some business have just launched their website while others are veteran business owners need some assistance.  So we need to come up with a plan and strategy.

Our fees are monthly, cancel at any time.


Get Started

We will help you grant us access to your different accounts.  Almost all platforms let you delegate certain aspects so you don’t have to give up full control.

We will show you how to do that.  

Why do this?

The rules for business and marketing are changing very fast. Not just for THAT reason, but Google, Facebook, Instagram are constantly changing how they work. You do not have time to worry about those changes and whether they matter.

Does it matter if algorithm changes happen on a social media platform? It might, but likely it has little effect on most small businesses as few get significant meaningful traffic from there. Social is important but only within reason.

People search – a lot. They need to be able to find you when they do. We work to make sure that this search allows them to find you when they need you.

After successfully marketing and selling millions (that is correct…millions) of photographic art, Eric brought in a saavy marketing grad to form Marketing Caffeine to do for small business what was left to him.

The struggle is real with marketing and chances are you are not interested in spending a ton of time trying to figure out what is best for your business and then executing on that plan.

That is where marketing caffeine gives you the jolt to your business you need.


Get What You Want


Some businesses may need ongoing help.  I would say most.

Others might find themselves needing only a few months of tweaking to get a solid foundation going.