Local seo is hard coffee cup

Improving Local SEO can be done, but it isn’t always easy. In local search, consumers are looking for local products and local services. This means that local businesses will have a much higher chance of success in local searches if they target their keywords correctly to ensure they rank highly for local searches.

There are often many people targeting the same keywords

One big issue that local businesses face is that there are often many people targeting the same keywords, even when the majority of them offer the same product or service. This means local businesses need to learn how to stand out from the crowd through good SEO content, website design, and online marketing strategy.

For example, how many plumbers might be serving a given area? In most areas the number is very high and depending on how many are working on SEO, the competition for those keywords can really heat up.

Big Business has been at it longer and with more resources

Some local businesses may underestimate the local effect of big national brands, especially if they are relatively new to the game. The reality is that some local search rankings have been around for years and local businesses will need to work very hard if they want to compete with them on local search.

Big businesses and national brands know the value of SEO and pour whole teams of marketers into it and they succeed, but the one factor they don’t have is being local. It doesn’t mean it is easier but at least there is one advantage.

Google Favors Brands

Google Favors Brands  – While this factor does not come as any great surprise, brand influence exerts a greater effect on local web searches than on general ones. This is because local searches are specifically aimed at finding local business information. Google has adjusted its search to see brands as reliable places for information.

Fewer People Focus on Local SEO

As odd as it may sound, most focus is given to the general topic of SEO and national SEO. Internet marketers, those who sell digital content, are almost always focused on national and worldwide SEO – and they tend to make the most noise and offer the most “tips.” But at the end of the day, it leaves brick-and-mortar local stores behind.

Link Building is Harder

Having people link to your site is very important. Big national brands can get reputable links quite easily and often without trying. Doing that on a local level will take some effort.

Should you give up on Local SEO?

Not at all. There are some things you can do.

First, Speed is SEO

Check out how you are doing here https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights

Second, start working on your local SEO today. SEO changes can take months to start to take effect.

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