Light Roast: Digital Foundation Builder

This package can be described as an SEO starter pack of some sort.  This package provides your business with an updated and strengthened Google presence.  Under this package, you will receive keyword insights, data collection summary, website updates, and more.

A detailed look at what you will get in your Light Roast Package.

Google Business Profile management

Your Google Business Profile is like free SEO!  When set up and managed correctly, Google Business Profile can be a huge boost to your business’s search ranking!  We have personally witnessed what simple changes to a GBP can do.

Once added as a user, we will go into your GBP and update each section to best match Google’s preferences.  We will also continue to update your GBP through Google posts, photos, and more to keep it relevant and at the top of Google!


Tracking Pixel setup

Your business has a Google and Facebook tracking pixel that can be installed on your website to track each unique visitor and provide data on their age, gender, location, and more.  Once installed, we will create a custom report to track the most important aspects of your typical visitors and report back to you at the end of each month.  Even if you are not planning on running ads right away, it is important to start gathering data now to have a better idea of what makes up your typical customer once you are ready to start advertising.

Google Analytics

Marketing Caffeine will setup your business’s Google Analytics account if it hasn’t been set up yet, link it with your Google Ads account, and then monitor and report on the data that your Analytics account provides.  GA can be a overwhelming and cumbersome platform that offers a lot of data that you may not even care about.  That is why we monitor it for you and send you a report of the data that is of interest and importance to you and your business.


Website Adjustments

We offer some simple yet effective website adjustments that can be made to improve your SEO.  One simple adjustment that we will make for your is changing each of your photos to “next gen photo formats” that will make Google love your website!  We will also be building a long list of top keyword for your business and industry, and offer up rewritten text for your webpage that is more keyword and SEO friendly.  These keywords are also great tools to use when considering content creation on your website!


Monthly SEO audit and reporting

Under this package, you get access to our custom SEO audit.  This audit analyzes your entire website and highlights which areas are hurting your SEO and which are helping.  The results of this audit will be bundled into one easy-to-read report for you to consider!

You will also receive a comprehensive report of your results at the end of each month.  This includes a summary of each web adjustment made, your Google search performance for the month, GBP data summary, and more.


Getting your business set up on Google

Set your business on the digital map with our comprehensive Google setup services. We understand the importance of a strong online presence, and that’s why we offer specialized assistance in ensuring your business is effectively established on Google. From creating a compelling Google My Business profile to optimizing key digital basics, our service is designed to enhance your visibility and accessibility. Let us handle the details, so you can focus on what you do best—running your business. Take the first step toward a robust online identity with our tailored Google setup solutions.