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Pay per Click Management gets you to the top of search fast

Our goal is to remove stress from the life of the average small business owner by navigating  Google Ads and Facebook ads, which are ever changing platforms with new rules and regulations being enforced daily.  Keeping up with those updates can be a full time job by itself, and you have a whole business to run!  Take a look below to see how we can take on some of this responsibility for your business!

What are Pay-per-click ads?

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are any ad you see on Facebook or Google that charges the advertiser every time a potential customer clicks on the ad.  You don’t just see these ads on Facebook or Google, but you will see them on websites all across the internet, YouTube, mobile apps, and more.

PPC ads are a great tool for small businesses and can help them pay their way to the top of Google.  We help small businesses use these ads to promote products or get new leads through their websites.

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Can I get help with my TikTok ads?

TikTok ads are a new and wild world.  They are designed to reach national audiences and have great potential for certain businesses and industries.

We are ready to help your small business market using TikTok ads to grow.  If you want help using TikTok ads, click the button below.


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