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Web Design

Get full website management including total design, hosting, and management.


Dominate Google with Search Engine Optimization.  SEO will take your website to the top of search and increase web traffic.

Customer aquisition & Management

Monthly management and updates to your Google Business Profile, reviews management, ad campaigns, and web visitor tracking.

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Digital Marketing for the small business

Marketing Caffeine agency in Findlay, OH focused on getting big results for small businesses.

With tailored innovative digital strategies, the company is dedicated to fueling the growth ambitions of local entrepreneurs. Marketing Caffeine crafts personalized campaigns that harness the power of online platforms to elevate brand visibility and drive targeted traffic. Results are shown in real numbers not just “we got more clicks”.

Marketing Caffeine goes beyond traditional agency approaches, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to propel small businesses to new heights in the digital landscape.

What is in WebSEO

Affordable Digital marketing Services for small local businesses
Web Design

Get your fully designed website built to attract new customers and clients.

Daily Website backups

Your website will be backed up daily in case of any emergencies.

Customer support chat options

Give your customers quicker access with customer support chat on your website.

Discounted Wix/Squarespace website conversions

Take your website off of growth-hindering platforms like Wix and Squarespace and move them over to WordPress.

Search Rank Management

Detailed SEO work by Marketing Caffeine will boost your organic search rankings and put you above your competitors.

Google Business Profile

Get your Google Business Profile completely setup and managed including constantly updated images and posts, reviews management, and general platform management.

Additional webpages each quarter

Included in WebSEO is the option to add another fully SEO-optimized webpage added to your site.

Maps strategy and optimization

Get to the top of the results on Google Maps!

Single ad campaign management

Start advertising with a Google ad campaign setup and managed by Marketing Caffeine.

All-in-one inbox

Get all of your business’s inboxes (Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile, etc.) in one single location for easy communication with your customers.

Web visitor recordings

Get recordings of each of your website visitor’s interactions with your site.  Watch where click, pause, and read.

Instagram setup guide

Have an Instagram account set up to be a successful business account with our free Instagram set up guide.

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How the WebSEO process works

We analyze your current SEO standing

Once our onboarding has finished and we have access to your site and accounts, the WebSEO process can begin.  We start with a meticulous examination of your online visibility to get an idea of how your business stands across the internet.  We look at your search rankings, website quality, and overall web presence.

Let the industry research begin!

While we look into your business’s presence, we also start researching your industry.  We will start compiling a list of keywords that are important to your industry and the clients/customers in it.  We also start tracking your top competitor’s websites and keywords which is the first step to helping you beat them in the searches.

Test the site and fix the initial major issues

We want to take care of any major issues right off the bat.  This includes checking your contact forms, all of links, and every page you need up and running.  

Make an SEO strategy

These steps help us make a plan.  Based on our research, we will build a strategy with the next steps and goals for your site.  This starts with prioritizing which pages need our attention first what keywords we should be introducing immediately.

Start into the foundational SEO

We need to make sure that Google likes to read your website.  At this stage, Marketing Caffeine will start going through all of the “back end” points of your site and set it all up with your site’s search ranking in mind.

Starting the design

Once the foundation is set, we can get into the design portion of your site.  We will start implementing new content onto the site meant to target the keywords we have selected.  This design work will also focus on optimizing the readability of your site so visitors are more likely to stay and scroll your site, instead of quickly exiting (which hurts your search rankings).

Start tracking everything

Now that we are making these changes, we can start closely tracking your site and how these changes have affected your ranking compared to your competitors and in general.

Resolving off-site SEO

Now we can start focusing on your off-site SEO.  This will include your Google Business Profile, Google Search Console, and all other online listings that may have your business listed (Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.).  We will focus on aligning your information across all of these platforms and using them to help you rank higher.

Technical SEO and design

Although this process will have been partially started in some of the previous steps, we will now be able to totally focus on your technical SEO and web design now that we have sorted everything else out.  We will be following up on the changes we have previously made, and making other large changes that are aimed at fixing any major SEO issues. 

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The results you can expect

Increased organic traffic


Consistently updated design

Higher search ranking

Fast, user friendly website

Completely managed digital presence

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Marketing Caffeine wants to help your small business

Marketing Caffeine is committed to boosting your small business in the digital space. With a focus on strategic SEO and user-friendly web design, we tailor solutions to align with your goals. Our dedicated team utilizes expertise and cutting-edge tools to enhance your brand visibility, attract targeted traffic, and contribute to your long-term success in the competitive online landscape.

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